Welcome to our new Website

Welcome to the new website for North Berwick Coastal Health & Wellbeing Association.

We hope this website will become the port of call for news and updates on the various projects that the Health & Wellbeing Association is engaged with.

On this website you can find the latest news about our work.  There are a number of events planned throughout the year, which can be found in our Calendar.

Major projects, such as the re-provisioning of Health and Social Care in the area have their own dedicated pages, to keep all the important information and updates in one handy location.

This website is for the community, and as such we hope that the community can get involved.  There will be small tweaks and changes made to the website from time to time – if there is something you think we have missed that would be useful, or you have any issues using this website, please do get in touch with us here.

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