Update on Reprovisioning of Health & Social Care

A new Local Reprovisioning Group was convened at a meeting in April.  North Berwick Coastal Health & Wellbeing Association, North Berwick Community Council, the GPs, the Health Centre, The Edington, The Abbey, the Day Centre, the Area Partnership and other organisations are all represented on this group, working together.

These are the key points from the first meeting in April:

  1. There is an exciting opportunity to do something radically different in terms of community engagement with the prize of modernising many of our present services.
  2. There is now a growing impatience to move things forward.
  3. We want reassurance that there is a realistic chance of the community having a meaningful input and significant influence in the process.
  4. We need a good reason for, and tangible benefits of getting the community engaged. We don’t want to waste time and energy just for tokenistic engagement.
  5. We have a number of questions and concerns about the process (what is it, how co-productive will it be), and the extent to which we have the chance to have a meaningful role and a significant influence on decisions.
  6. We need to know more about the key drivers of the whole process ie the financial constrains and the timescales.
  7. We need to know about plans for working collaboratively with other communities.

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    We too feel a great deal is going on behind closed doors and even at the first meeting in NB when Doctors both present and retired, spoke, they seemed to be as much in the dark as we are.
    You will be working on our behalves and we support your efforts. This word “transparency” seems to be flavour of the month, good luck in finding.
    May we also enquire why our NB doctors are reporting that they cannot get new doctors when 5 are coming up for retirement. All we hear and see is that NB is the best seaside town to live in, why not for Doctors?
    Good luck and congratulations on the formation of this group

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