Telephone Emotional Support

North Berwick Health and Well-being Association after discussions with the NB emergency resilience team has agreed to co-ordinate emotional telephone support during this time. First through our Community Connections project for existing clients and new referrals . Contact Carol Stobie 07940203380 email

In addition a number of counsellors, therapists, mental health workers, psychologists have indicated on the volunteer forms that they could offer support. When we have the list from the NB resilience team we will contact them with the aim of providing a wider response to people who are struggling with isolation, for workers who may need to off load distress and for people who may become bereaved at this time. We will let you know how this can be accessed once we have had discussions with these volunteers.

Deborah Ritchie co chair North Berwick Coastal Health and Well-being Association and Chair of NB Community Connections

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