Return of the Doves to North Berwick Telephone Exchange

A group of local volunteers got together through pARTICIPATE and have decorated a kiosk in the Telephone Exchange, with the theme of ‘Reflections for Absent Friends’.

They have placed 20 tiny ‘books’ on which people can write messages and also have invited people to make their own little message, through a poem, or photo, for example and bring it along to put on the board. The installation also features the return of the doves, created by members of the community, for ‘Absent Friends’ week, in 2019.

Our Co-Chair, Lorna Sinclair wrote the following: North Berwick Compassionate Community is part of the Health and Wellbeing Association. It recognises that there are those amongst us, in our community, managing serious illness, ageing, dying, caregiving and loss. We hope you will find this a way to reflect positively, on your love for and memories of, someone close to you by participating in this creative display by taking a notelet and leaving a message to a loved one on these white noticeboards.

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