Introducing Carol Stobie – Project Officer for North Berwick Coastal Community Connections

Hello, everyone – I’m delighted to have started working as the Project Officer for this organisation’s new project: North Berwick Coastal Community Connections.

I’ll be working on a part-time basis, taking referrals from GPs and others as part of this new ‘Social Prescribing’ project.

Social prescribing, according to NHS Scotland, “is commonly used in primary care settings and provides non-medical options for primary care staff to draw on to support their patients’ health and wellbeing, including their mental health. Social prescribing is an approach used to support self-management. It is primarily used for connecting people to non-medical sources of support or resources within their community. It can also be used by professionals working in other services and enhances the holistic approaches to addressing health, wellbeing and mental health problems.” (NHS Scotland)

A new social prescriptions clinic at the health centre starts on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month.  I will also be out and about a lot connecting between community groups.  I want to hear what you think is needed to maximise compassion in this community.

Tel 07940 203380 or email on Tuesdays or Thursdays. I can come and see you, do a talk or workshop or stall, share a coffee, send you an article, whatever works for you. I hope to signpost people to something that will help or interest them, and I’ll be looking out for volunteer community connectors to help folk take that first step. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Carol Stobie

Photograph of Carol Stobie by Antonia Kearton


  1. Raymy Boyle

    Sounds great Carol and perfect fit for you. Best of luck with it.
    I’m curious if mindfulness courses are used in this context

  2. Hello Carol

    Great to hear about your new role. Sounds really interesting.

    Remember I’m a qualified yoga teacher, specialising in restorative, gentle hatha and chair-bases yoga. Very happy to come and do a taster, if you would like me to, at some point.

    Very best

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