Fringe by the Sea Event: Richard Holloway in conversation with Kathryn Mannix

North Berwick Compassionate Communities presents Richard Holloway in conversation with Kathryn Mannix about her thought provoking book ‘With the End in Mind”

Venue: Belhaven Big Top, Lodge Grounds
Time/place: 3 pm
Ticket prices: £7.50

Kathryn Mannix

Kathryn was a palliative care doctor for 30 years. She says that she has been “working in hospices, people’s own homes and a big hospital. I want everyone to know more about ordinary dying so we can all be better prepared and less afraid.” She will be talking about her book, ‘With The End In Mind,’ which she describes as a…” book of stories about how ordinary people live while they are dying. I promise we will laugh and be cheerful, as well as being thoughtful.”

Richard Holloway

Aside from being a well-known writer, broadcaster and cleric, Richard was also the former Bishop of Edinburgh. He is well known for being involved in progressive causes. His interview with Kathryn Mannix will explore the stories in Kathryn’s book, of ordinary people’s experience of dying, through Kathryn’s perspective.

To book tickets, please visit the Fringe by the Sea web page here.

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