Health and Social Care Re-provisioning

What is re-provisioning?

Changes to how our health and social care services will be delivered in the future are being proposed by East Lothian Integration Joint Board for Health & Social Care (IJB) – that is the NHS & East Lothian Council Social care services who have to work together to address our needs. This is what re-provisioning means.

Recent updates on re-provisioning:

Closure of the Edington Hospital

The Health and Wellbeing Association (HWA) has been involved historically in talks about the reprovisioning since 2018. The HWA was, therefore, extremely concerned about the sudden decision to close the Edington inpatient service this week without the HWA, or the wider community having any involvement, or pre-warning of this eventuality. The HWA has a responsibility … [Read more…]


Re-provisioning January Update

Dr Deborah Ritchie, one of the co-chairs of the Health and Wellbeing Association attended a re-provisioning meeting on 14 December.  She reports back: “There has been no further progress to date. However, from February to June the hub will be gathering data to inform the initial agreement that is required to present the business case … [Read more…]


Reprovisioning of Health & Social Care November Update

There has been a long silence since the meeting in June, when we were invited to meet Hub South East (HSE) who are the consultants working on our ‘reprovisioning’. They are also the consultants who have worked on the new Community Hospital in Haddington and, as that was delayed, so any further work on changes … [Read more…]

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August Update on Re-provisioning

Please see below the latest update on the programme to provide services currently delivered by the Edington and Belhaven Hospitals and the Abbey and Eskgreen Care Homes. Please click here to download the August update if you cannot see the document above.


Update on the Reprovisioning process – June/July

Hub South East, the consultants working with the Integrated Joint Board, presented a document at the recent update event held at Queen Margaret University. The full document can be read at the bottom of this page, or downloaded here: Hub SE Presentation The most important pages are 38 to 48, with 40 to 42 explaining … [Read more…]


Update on Reprovisioning of Health & Social Care

A new Local Reprovisioning Group was convened at a meeting in April.  North Berwick Coastal Health & Wellbeing Association, North Berwick Community Council, the GPs, the Health Centre, The Edington, The Abbey, the Day Centre, the Area Partnership and other organisations are all represented on this group, working together. These are the key points from … [Read more…]

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New Director of Health and Social Care

Alison Macdonald, who has been Interim Director of Health and Social Care in East Lothian for the past nine months, has been announced as the new permanent Director. Alison said: This is a really exciting time for the East Lothian Health and Social Care Partnership.  We are beginning to see the positive impact of a … [Read more…]


Update on the re-provisioning project

Peter Murray is Chair of the East Lothian Integration Joint Board for Health & Social Care (IJB).  At a meeting of the IJB on 28 March 2019 he said updated the meeting on the re-provisioning project and said: We secured a grant from the Scottish Government which is enabling us to carry out the scoping … [Read more…]


How will our health and social care services be delivered in the North Berwick area in future years?

We currently receive excellent care from the Edington hospital, the Abbey Residential Home and our GP surgery. The IJB is looking at how services, currently provided by these centres, can be delivered in the future.

Our community needs to be fully engaged in the discussions about these changes.

What have the Heath & Wellbeing Association done so far?

We joined up with NB Community Council in hosting two public meetings about these changes in 2018 when over 350 people attended and it was made very clear that people want all our current services retained as follows:

The standard and range of care, particularly 24-hour care, palliative care, community beds, respite provision, step-down care, being provided by the Edington and the Abbey; our minor injuries unit; a new North Berwick Health Centre; staffing levels and key worker housing for health workers.

An Extra Care Housing (ECH) model to deliver our care is being proposed by the IJB and we have the following concerns about this:

  • How will the whole range of 24-hour services be provided in ECH?
  • How will rent/purchase of ECH work, and will there be the possibility of ‘house blocking’?
  • How can people, who need care, be kept in, connected to, and valued, by the community?
  • Is there an appropriate site in NB for the facilities we need?

We have told the IJB about these concerns.

What next?

The IJB will soon start to develop a Business Plan for the new service provision. We want the community in the North Berwick area to be fully involved in working collaboratively with them to ensure we get the quality of services we require.

The Health & Wellbeing Association, the Community Council and our GP Practice will work together as a team, drawing ideas from organisations and individuals, to present to the IJB team when it is in place.

While the current service provision is highly valued by the community, we have reached some consensus that it will not be adequate to meet the needs our growing population.

We aim to keep you up to date on this website with information on the proposed changes.

We would also like to hear your own ideas for the future of health and social care in North Berwick Coastal Ward. You can get in touch with us here.

If you want to read the IJB report about re-provisioning from December 2018 it can be downloaded here: Integrated Joint Board 12/13/18 Reprovisioning