Compassionate Community Meeting Update

The meeting in the Church HallOn Saturday 9 November we held a meeting to explore our vision to become a Compassionate Community as part of the Truacanta project.  We were delighted with the turnout of 32 people who attended the meeting and brought great ideas and enthusiasm. Ideas were shared about the need for people to feel comfortable about death, dying and loss.

One of the major themes of the meeting was that people wanted a regular place to discuss death plans. Fringe by the Sea are interested in developing events for next years’ festival.

It was also agreed that offering EASE (end of life aid skills for everyone) training would help people be more aware of what to expect when you are supporting someone who is dying. It was felt important that we consider sitting with people who are in the terminal stages if they are alone or to give the family short breaks. We took a vote and decided to go ahead with a proposal and people wanted to be actively involved.

After the meeting, we held the memory workshop for Absent friends and the finished pieces have been made into an installation in the telephone boxes in the High Street. The workshop was facilitated by pARTicipate. We remembered mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and grandparents and dear friends. It was a very moving workshop.

You can visit the final results of the pARTicipate workshop at the North Berwick Telephone Exchange on the High Street.

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  1. Wilma Shaw

    I know how important it is for family members to have a break from caring, no matter how short.
    It is also important to give the dying other voices to listen to.

    The art workshop was very moving . It gave opportunities to talk, to share, to chuckle and to remember.

    Perhaps once a year is too infrequent.

    Thank you, w.

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