Compassionate Communities Update

North Berwick is one of the eleven communities shortlisted from 44 to submit a proposal to become a Compassionate Community. Four communities will be chosen in January 2020 to be part of the two-year project. The four communities will receive community development advice and support from the Truacanta Project for a period of two years.

Compassionate Communities will aim to help a community to use their community assets to improve people’s experiences of death, dying, loss and care.

As part of the process, we need to ask you to become involved in the project as either a supporter, a steering group member and for you to participate in the different threads of the project. We need your input in shaping the project based on what you think is needed and what is feasible.

We are holding a meeting to explore what is needed in our community to support people who are dying and bereaved and to have those big conversations that help to change our culture about dying and grieving. It is probably the last taboo? The meeting will be on November 9th at 10 am in the St Andrew Blackadder Church.  You can find out more information and register your interest here.


  1. Margaret Purves

    I have recently returned to North Berwick, having been away for nearly 50 years. .I did voluntary work with St.Columbas hospice in Edinburgh for 17 years.( on the wards ,but nothing GRAND ,just changing water jugs etc ) My husband died there 2 years ago ,he was there for almost 6 months ,WONDERFUL staff and care, for all the family. Latterly was a volunteer with the RVS.( chatting to housebound people ) Had to let that lapse as husband was ill and dying. I don’t drive ,,but happy to travel locally by bus .

  2. Lorna Sinclair

    Very well done on getting to this stage and love the image.

    I would be very interested in supporting the group to get to the next stage, from a Health Promotion perspective.

  3. Shelagh Richards

    I have just finished training as an end of life facilitator using the Before I Go methodology by Jane Duncan Rogers and will be delighted to see if I can help in any way

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