Compassionate Communities October Update

On Thursday 3 October a meeting was held with key organisations in North Berwick who have experience of understanding the needs of people who are dying and people who are grieving.  The meeting was held to establish interest in the concept of a compassionate community.

A briefing was given about the national Truacanta Project, a new initiative being run by the Scottish Partnership for Palliative Care, and funded by Macmillan Cancer Support.  The Truacanta Project will identify four communities based on their vision for a compassionate community.

Dr Deborah Ritchie, Co-Chair of North Berwick Coastal Health and Wellbeing Association said “we spent time identifying whether there is a need in our community. Two key themes emerged. First that we need to have a more open community that is comfortable to discuss death, dying and grief and thus able to be more compassionate. Second we identified the need for practical support for individuals and families who are experiencing these key life events. Fiona Watt and Lorna Sinclair, both health promotion specialists, will voluntarily take forward and lead the public awareness/big conversations theme and Carol Stobie and North Berwick CommUnity Connections will take forward and lead the practical support theme.

The next stage is an open meeting for everyone on Saturday 9 November at 10 am in St Andrew Blackadder. We do hope you can come and help us develop our shared vision. This is definitely a time of “your community needs YOU and your compassion.

The proposal has to be submitted by December 6.

For more information please get in touch with us via our Contact Page.


  1. I am vice chair at the Beach Wheelchairs and feel like we could contribute to this project in some way. We have a range of manual chairs and now have a fabulous powered chair which can be controlled by the individual or Carer. We can provide some amazing experiences for individuals and families. I will try to make the meeting in November.

  2. Margaret Purves

    I am interested in being a volunteer ,I spent 17 years as a volunteer at St,Columbas hospice ( just doing ward duty changing water jugs ect ) but being able to chat to the patients ,My sister and Husband both died there within the last 3 years ! Recently I did 3 VERY short ( free) open university courses on ” death ,dying and grieving “,

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