Closure of the Edington Hospital

The Health and Wellbeing Association (HWA) has been involved historically in talks about the reprovisioning since 2018. The HWA was, therefore, extremely concerned about the sudden decision to close the Edington inpatient service this week without the HWA, or the wider community having any involvement, or pre-warning of this eventuality. The HWA has a responsibility … [Read more…]

Re-provisioning January Update

Dr Deborah Ritchie, one of the co-chairs of the Health and Wellbeing Association attended a re-provisioning meeting on 14 December.  She reports back: “There has been no further progress to date. However, from February to June the hub will be gathering data to inform the initial agreement that is required to present the business case … [Read more…]

Update on Reprovisioning of Health & Social Care

A new Local Reprovisioning Group was convened at a meeting in April.  North Berwick Coastal Health & Wellbeing Association, North Berwick Community Council, the GPs, the Health Centre, The Edington, The Abbey, the Day Centre, the Area Partnership and other organisations are all represented on this group, working together. These are the key points from … [Read more…]