Closure of the Edington Hospital

The Health and Wellbeing Association (HWA) has been involved historically in talks about the reprovisioning since 2018. The HWA was, therefore, extremely concerned about the sudden decision to close the Edington inpatient service this week without the HWA, or the wider community having any involvement, or pre-warning of this eventuality. The HWA has a responsibility … [Read more…]

Fringe by the Sea Event: Alan McLean Masterclass: The Emotional Ring – Mastery over Mystery

North Berwick Compassionate Communities presents Alan McLean: Renowned Psychologist, author and Scotsman columnist Venue: The Marquee, North Berwick Library, School Road, North Berwick, East Lothian, EH39 4JU Date: WEDNESDAY 11TH AUGUST 2020 Performance time: 10:30AM & 12:30PM Ticket prices: £7.50 Tickets available here. Recognising that a compassionate community is grown out of emotional wellbeing, we … [Read more…]

Fringe by the Sea Event: Richard Holloway in conversation with Kathryn Mannix

North Berwick Compassionate Communities presents Richard Holloway in conversation with Kathryn Mannix about her thought provoking book ‘With the End in Mind” Venue: Belhaven Big Top, Lodge Grounds Date: THURSDAY 12TH AUGUST 2020 Time/place: 3 pm Ticket prices: £7.50 Kathryn Mannix Kathryn was a palliative care doctor for 30 years. She says that she has … [Read more…]

Drop-in vaccination clinic at East Lothian Community Hospital

East Lothian Community Hospital will continue to host a drop-in vaccination clinic for all adults, 18+. Full details are available here: The hospital will be open for drop-in vaccinations every day, including weekends, from 08.30am to 4pm. For information on how to get there, follow this link.

Armchair Chat: April 27 2021

The third in our series of Armchair Chats features music and talks. About this Event The third North Berwick Compassionate Community online chat centres on Soul Midwives and Death Doulas – practitioners who work in the community engaging with people at the end of their lives, offering care, guidance and spiritual support during a person’s … [Read more…]

Inspiring Volunteer Awards 2021

The Inspiring Volunteer Awards are all about celebrating the amazing efforts of volunteers in East Lothian. This is a great opportunity to recognise the efforts of your local heroes and heroines. For more details go to: On the page above you can read more about how to nominate a volunteer or team of volunteers … [Read more…]

Lockdown Anniversary

North Berwick Health & Wellbeing Association members had a moment of quiet at 12 noon, along with many across the country. We remember those who have died and all those who are bereaved. We thank all those who have cared for the sick, and all those who have supported one another during the pandemic. We … [Read more…]

Armchair Chats – an online event series

by the Compassionate Community North Berwick Project Group As a lead up to a creative and new North Berwick Fringe by the Sea, to be held in the Lodge Grounds, in August 2021, we are going to host online ‘Armchair Chats’. The online chats will be a series of relevant topics, linked to the North Berwick … [Read more…]