North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership

North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership (AP) is a voice for our local community. It is the way local people from across the whole community can have a say in making our community a great place to live, work, get around, visit, learn and influence service planning and delivery in our area. The Health & Wellbeing Group is a constituted sub group of the AP.

What does the AP do?
The AP involves people across the community to develop, implement and monitor a local Area Plan based on local priorities. The AP allocates funding to address inequalities. Voting Members include East Lothian Councillors, Community Councillors, Tenants and Residents groups, Pupil and Parent Councils and local community groups.

Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings of the AP and the 6 sub groups which includes: On the Move; Support from the Start; Children and Youth Network; Health & Wellbeing Association; Economic Group; Lime Grove Group and Communications Group.

For more information contact or visit the website at