Welcome to the website of North Berwick Coastal Health and Wellbeing Association. Here you will find information and news about our activities in the community as well as details on how you can get involved in the work we do for residents of North Berwick Coastal Ward.

The Health and Wellbeing Association has the following objectives:

  • To work together as a broad network to promote health and well being for people who live in, work in and visit the North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership Area (NBC APA) now and in future years.
  • To inform the Area Partnership of issues affecting health and wellbeing in the North Berwick Coastal Area, with a particular emphasis on issues identified by the local community.
  • To promote the active participation and citizenship of all members of the community, and in particular people whose voices are often unheard and ensure that their views influence decision-making.
  • To work collaboratively with the other networks and projects of the North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership and other relevant bodies.
  • To assess the health impact of all activities to ensure that health inequalities are not increased.
  • To promote an association that is inclusive of all and encourages diversity.